DO WE MOVE OR DO WE RENOVATE ? That is always on most peoples minds when deciding on a major renovation or addition or you've decided to move and the house you really like just doesn't have those one or two things you really desire.That where we can help, by coming out giving you ideas of what you can and can't do and give you a pretty good idea on the costs involved. Next question do we go out, do we go up or both, or do we just stay within the exact footprint of the home the way it is. For adding on the first concern is lot coverage most out of town properties this is not an issue but in town lots it can be, especially in the newer subdivisions where the developers are making the homes bigger but yet making the lots smaller. A quick call to your towns building / bylaws office will answer those questions for you. For additions second floors etc. we always take in to the surrounding neighbor hood and come up with a design that doesn't scream ADDITION and fits in nicely with your exiting home and the homes around it. So if you're on the fence trying to decide give us a call.